Here are a few most common questions asked. To provide you with the best customer experience, your feedback is greatly encouraged. If you have any questions please send us an email at primerepsinternational@gmail.com or send us a DM on INSTAGRAM.

Q. Are your shoe sizes men's or women's sizes?
A. All of our sneakers are in men's sizes.

Q. I placed an order but haven't received a tracking code yet. When will I receive it?
A. You won't receive a tracking code immediately after you've ordered. Since we have a very high volume of orders every day, it takes approximately 2-7 business days to process your order. You will receive your tracking code after the processing phase.

Q. Do you ship worldwide?

A. The answer is YES, we ship worldwide FREE OF CHARGE! We also offer paid faster shipping options. Go to SHIPPING for additional information.

Q. Do you offer delivery guarantees? If my order does not arrive, what should I do?
A. Yes. If 60 days have passed without updates from the tracking, please contact us at primerepsinternational@gmail.com. An original order replacement will be sent out or you will be refunded.

Q. What is the expected delivery time?
A. Visit "SHIPPING".

Q. When will I receive a tracking number?
A. You can expect it to take between 2 and 7 business days.

Q. I have a tracking number that is stuck and is not updating. Why is that? 
A. A "Pre Transit" status or a delay is totally normal and to be expected. Everyone experiences this, so don't worry! Your order will be delivered within the shipping timeframe you selected. Please go to "SHIPPING".

Q. When I place my order, will I receive a confirmation number? 
A. Each customer receives an order number after placing their order. Check your spam folder if you still cannot find it.

If you do not receive one within 24 hours, please contact us.

Q. If I have a problem with my order, who do I need to contact?
A. If you have any questions, please send them via email primerepsinternational@gmail.com or send us a DM on INSTAGRAM.

Q. How secure is this site's Checkout?
A. We guarantee the safety and security of all purchases.

Q. Do you sell my data if I enter my e-mail address?
A. Information about our customers is not sold to third parties. Emails are solely used for follow-up and to send newsletters of our promotions.

Q. Can I (the customer) expect to pay customs?
A. You won't be charged duties. By declaring the value at a low price, we can help you avoid paying extra taxes.