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To date, we have delivered thousands of shoes, and our website stands out for its reviews and customer satisfaction. Our craftsmen, former employees of big brands, help us create 1:1 replica fake shoes.

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Custom Jersey

If you don't see the jersey you want on our page, you can upload a picture of it and we'll make it for you! Simply upload the photo and provide any necessary details, and we'll take care of the rest.

What are Reps Shoes?

"Reps shoes" refers to replica shoes / fake shoes that are 1:1 to high-priced shoes. They are designed to look like the original high-end shoes but are sold at a lower price.

High-quality Materials

Each component is precisely made to ensure the highest quality and closest resemblance to the original designer footwear." Attention to every detail is not easy but we have reached the perfect level after years and years of experience.

Strict Quality Check

"Quality checks are crucial in our process to guarantee high standards. Our expert craftsmen inspect and measure every detail for accuracy and durability. With quality control, we ensure our replicas match the look and feel of the original designer footwear."

Advanced Machines

The advanced machines are expensive and only 1% of factories can afford them for making shoes. Our factory is equipped with all advanced machines and original shoes side-by-side to copy each and every detail.

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"Is this store legit or a scam?"

We understand that many people have the same question and ask it around 10 times every day. We've also been verified our partner website Cross reps. To address your concerns and prove that we are not a scam, we have also created a dedicated page with plenty of evidence for our reps shoes. You can find more information by simply clicking the button below.